Innovative ways to use 404 pages

Hade Alahmad
By Hade Alahmad on Sep 12, 2016

Error 404 pages are one of the best to work at, because it doesn’t go into the basic structure of a website and can only be reached by mistake… so many websites decided to turn this uncomforting error into a masterpiece makes you want to browse to it intentionally.

You got to see this page, it moves.

Tumble is one of my favorite site, not because of the content but because the hidden admin left bloopers, the “out of duty” error pages and the hilarious user guide that has “go nuts, show nuts” written in it,  it’s not surprising for them to have this awesome error 404 page.

A simple and relaxing design that makes me want to go back to this page every time I have free time, making it one of my favorites… the compass GIF and the writing method makes you feel the site owners know who you are.

Yet another awesome 404 page that tells you you’re not supposed to be here, the great animation and it’s interaction with the mouse cursor movement never failed to amuse me, it also made me want to spend more time on that page.

I think the designer just sat there before working on this page and thought; why not make this a useful page… and then added a full feature Pac-Man game to play in browser… that’s what I call some crazy thoughts.

What’s more to tell you you’re in a wrong place that a scary train station… just sit down and enjoy the horrifying creativity in this 404 page.

This is not a page, yup; it’s a beautiful pipe

What’s better than a badly written piece of paper to shout at you for causing this error… not just that, it also has an edgy tone? Well, maybe this isn’t the best page on this list, also not the best designed one, but surely is special.


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